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Testimonials Submitted

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Testimony For: Wendy Childs` Acupuncture
Subject: Pain relief
In October 2014 I had an accident and hurt my left shoulder and back. I tried physical therapy for several months, but it didn`t seem to help. After another visit to the doctor and a close look at the xrays, they found two compression fractures in my spine. After several treatments with Wendy Childs at Earth Moon Acupuncture, I was feeling better and the range of motion with my left arm was MUCH better. Just because you might not understand how a technique like Acupuncture works, doesn`t mean it`s not a viable source of pain relief. TRY IT. You might be pleasantly surprised...
Submitted By: Tom Marks   

Testimony For: Detailed Perfection
Subject: Like New
I took my car to Detailed Perfection, Salem, and they did a great job of detailing my car. It feels like new and has me itching to do a "road trip". Thanks for such a great experience!
Submitted By: Tom Marks   

Testimony For: Rags to Riches
Subject: Less Rags MORE Riches in the ladies looks.
My wife is a Lawyer and she buys a number of very high-end cloths from Rags to Riches... The cloths are of the highest quality and owner/operator Deb is a pro when it comes to the finest ladies garments... If you want to look like a million dollars ... go to Rags to Riches and get the look you deserve... !!
Submitted By: Fred Thompson   

Testimony For: Copy Cats
Subject: Menus
If it was not for Bruce and the team at copy Cat`s the restaurant would not have menus, flyers, posters,cutting, pasting and designing, etc. With out them we could not open our doors. Thank you
Submitted By: Massimo Brofferio   

Testimony For: Banks Best Cleaning Inc.
Subject: Clean windows make a difference
I am the owner of a business here in Salem and I have had Dale cleaning the store front windows for more than 5 months and it make a big difference, why because Dale and his team go above and beyond cleaning the windows they do the frames the surrounding area and more for a very reasonable price.
Submitted By: Massimo Brofferio   

Testimony For: New York Life Insurance Company
Subject: Life Insurance for my Family
I had the honor to meet Fred Thompson via my husband. He was so patient with myself and the kids. Especially with the children, since they live in California and as young adults they do not see the reason for life insurance. 6 months later they have policies. Thank you Fred
Submitted By: Gina Rodriguez   

Testimony For: Debbie`s Grooming
Subject: Best Grooming Shop
I have had the pleasure of bringing the new family addition to Debbie`s shop. Now this cat is a Himalayan so it is super furry,and very scared cat, but with Debbie she purrs, and Debbie has done an amazing job with her grooming.
Submitted By: Massimo Brofferio   

Testimony For: King`s Coffee
Subject: King`s Coffee - truly the taste of Royalty
We love our coffee and switched probably a year ago to King`s Coffee and have not looked back. Love the taste/flavor; Thank You Paul Young for the introduction; we are a customer for life!
Submitted By: Brian Platz   

Testimony For: The Drunken Cook
Subject: The best Italian food in America.
If you want the greatest Italian dinner in Oregon, Marion county then you need to go to the Drunken Cook. I`ve had dinner all over Italy and the Drunken Cook is the real deal... not one of those make believe so-called Italian restaurants that give you so much garlic that it keeps bugs and your wife away for weeks.
Submitted By: Fred Thompson   

Testimony For: Accurate Hearing Centers
Subject: hearing aids.
I purchased a set of ReSound hearing aids from Accurate Hearing Centers and Jim Markham... I`m telling you if you want the very best hearing product and excellent service ... you will get it from Accurate Hearing... My wife and teenage sons are grateful that I have the finest hearing aid product on the market... Thank you Jim!!
Submitted By: Fred Thompson   

Testimony For: Bell Gardens Lawn Care
Omar Luna and his crew are fabulous!!!!! He is not just a typical landscaper. Omar really knows plants and the conditions needed to make you yard beautiful. You will not be disappointed.
Submitted By: Shirley Kavanaugh   

Testimony For: Clean Cut Painting Co.
Subject: Best painter on the Planet
Clean Cut Painting... I just had my house painted ... 3 story and a 60`s style home... They did an excellent job. If you want a very professional paint job on your home... you can count on Clean Cut to make your home/business look beautiful.
Submitted By: Fred Thompson   

Testimony For: Western Pacific Roofing
Subject: Great Roofing Job!
I wanted to thank Scott at Western Pacific Roofing for a wonderful job their company did after a fire we had at our house. They came out on time the day they said they would and fixed the repairs that needed to be done. He also inspected the rest of the roof and pointed out what might need to be done in the next few years. He did notice that the last roofer had used some inferior pieces of roofing to fill in spots. The bid was right in there and I just feel they took some extra time with us and we appreciate it. Thanks Scott!!!
Submitted By: Patti Greene   

Testimony For: Detailed Perfection
Subject: Car detail
Mitch did a great job on both mine and Carolyn`s cars. He really worked hard on my car because it had severe oxidation on the roof. It looked like a new finish when he was done. The finish smooth as glass. You`ve got to try this . Thanks MITCH
Submitted By: Mick Gogal   

Testimony For: Salem Computer Inc.
Subject: Easy to Refer Jesse Greene for Computer Suppport
It makes it so easy to refer Jesse Greene of Salem Computer when you hear things like this back from your friends: Thanks for referring Jesse Greene regarding my Trojan virus. He got right on it and cleaned up a mess on my computer - Roger F.
Submitted By: Brian Platz   

Testimony For: Clean Cut Painting Co.
Subject: Painting
If anyone needs interior or exterior painting done and done right then call Mike at Clean Cut Painting. Outstanding care on our interior painting to ensure no drops or spills, my wife is very satisfied.
Submitted By: Gordon Johnson   

Testimony For: State Farm Insurance
Subject: Insurance
Don Suklis and his Team did a wonderful job on my Homeowner Policy. They took the time to ask what I wanted and suggested the correct policy to protect me and my home. I then added my personal auto and commercial auto. The service was again above and beyond what I expected. Thank You!
Submitted By: Zwicker`s Carpet & Furniture Cleaning   

Testimony For: Withnell Motor Co.
Subject: New Vehicle
Steve Baty is the best! When my van died last week, I didn`t know what I was going to do. I wasn`t sure if I could afford a new one, but Steve worked hard to find a car that I love at a price I could manage. He helped make my husband and I comfortable and gave us time to make a decision without any pressure. Thanks Steve!
Submitted By: Chris Lipscomb   

Testimony For: Salem Computer
Subject: Computer Repair
I was having issues with my computer.. slow and very testy and just not connecting quickly. Jessie came out and spent some time with the computer..he was quick and fixed my computer, and then worked on my laptop.. now everything works great and the connections are great.. he also updated my anti-virus and I am catching all sorts of bugs trying to get to my hard drive and making my computer be testy again. No longer any problems.. Thank you Jessie
Submitted By: Journeys Peak Travel   

Testimony For: Salem Auto Body
Subject: Great Big Thank You to Ray
This year as usual, I walked the Relay for Life, a cancer research fund raising event. My daughter who used to walk with me sent me a note saying I should check out the Ford cars that were striped with Pink ribbon. I mentioned to Ray that I would love to get a quote for having my car pin striped.. He gave me a price and said it would be easy.. Tonight I went to the grocery store after work and as I opened my trunk.. there it was the most beautiful pink stripes already on my car. Ray came to my office parking lot and put them on as a surprise. I love it.. My car is beautiful and I will drive it with extra pride because of the pink stripes.. My husband loved it too.. Thank You Ray and team at Salem Auto Body.
Submitted By: Anna hadley Journeys Peak Travel   

Testimony For: Withnell Motor Co.
Subject: New Truck
I purchased a new Dodge pickup from Steve Baty a few days ago and the experience was second to none. We looked at drove a couple vehicles, one on Friday and one on Monday. Without any persuasion and an endless supply of knowledge from Steve, I was able to make a decision on the truck of my dreams. Thanks Steve
Submitted By: Russell & Christy Butler   

Testimony For: Banks Best Cleaning Inc.
Subject: `Sparkling Clean Windows` in my home!
Dale Banks, owner of Banks Best Cleaning, did a fantastic job of washing the windows in my home recently. He not only washed the inside & outside and cleaned the tracks and screens of all the windows, but, he went thru our home and washed all mirrors in our home! They are all `Sparkling Clean`. Thank you, Dale! I will be referring you to all my friends & family.
Submitted By: Steve Baty   

Testimony For: Withnell Motor Co.
Subject: Wow! Go Steve Baty!
Wade & I just bought a new 2011 Red truck through Steve at Withnell Motor Co. He went above & beyond the call of duty to help us get our truck, and driving home we couldn`t have been happier! I even drove home after we stopped for dinner - and I usually don`t prefer driving big trucks...but it drove so nice & smooth...we might be `discussing` who gets to drive to our job sites! Thank you so much Steve, you`re the best!!
Submitted By: Johanna Braziel/High Level Home Inspections   

Testimony For: Pringle Park Plaza
Subject: Oooo - la - la
I just got my pedicure from Krystal at Pringle Park Plaza. Very nice. What I really liked was their attention to cleanliness. Everything was very well sanitized and what a lovely young lady. A real treat. I will be back - thank you!
Submitted By: Theresa Pietzold   

Testimony For: Dr. Donald McBride, N.D.
Subject: Don McBride - Naturopathic Physician
I wanted to encourage others to give Don a try. I have had a back/hip injury (fractures)that have lingered due to a car hitting me while riding my bike. I have been to every doctor except a Naturopath. Don introduced me to Prolotherapy. I took 11 minutes of my marathon time and have had much less pain. My massage gal can tell the difference. Thank you Don for being different than a regular MD. I am very pleased with the results. Theresa Pietzold/Sam`s Transmissions LLC
Submitted By: Theresa Pietzold   

Testimony For: Clean Cut Painting Co.
Subject: Above and Beyond
I would like to pass along my testimonial for Mike Swearingen from Clean Cut Painting. Mike trusted me to pick the colors for my home. I should have known better. As Mike and his assistant were starting on the second side of my house, the color that I thought I wanted turned out to make my house look like a lemon/lime popsickle. Mike drove me to the house I had taken the color from, matched it, and then had the paint re-colored to the color I wanted. Rather than leave me with house that was embarassing to the neighborhood, he fixed my mistake, and didn`t embarass me at the LeTip meeting the following Thursday (even after I told him to). I will recommend Mike to everyone I know looking to paint the inside or outside of their home. "You da` man!"
Submitted By: Kevin Venables   

Testimony For: Crossroads Fine Linens and Party Rentals
Subject: Good Ol Fashion Service
If you have not had the oppertunity to shop or visit Cross Roads Fine Linen and Party Rentals, you are really missing the boat. I have sent numerous Clients to Shirley and they all have very Elegant Events useing Overlays or Table Tops. You can create any kind of look for your event whether it is a Backyard BBQ or and Elegant Dinner Reception. The Staff and Level of Service recieved at Cross Roads can not be beat. Do Yourself a Favor, Visit Shirleys Shop.
Submitted By: Bette Tatom   

Testimony For: Networks of Salem Chapter
Subject: Special Events Power Circle
Wow, Im so excited to be a part of the special events power circle. If I meet one Bride to be I have the opportunity to get 8 outside tips just by refering the power circles services to Her and Her family. I am so Pleased with the Members in this Power Cicle They are the Best in the Industrie and its a Honor to be part of This Group. Banquet Facility, DJ, Rentals,Photos, Jewlery, Flowers,Limo, Live Theater, and Travel. Wow one stop shop! Our Power Circle is still looking for a number of New Members, Bakery, Caterer, and Fashions to name a few.
Submitted By: Bette Tatom   

Testimony For: Prudential Real Estate (Residential)
Subject: The Best Realtor
We resently sold a rental and had someone else list it, It sold quickly but I found the buyer, and I had to ask about a open house. We put Our home on the market with Debbie Mcmillian the difference is like night and day. She is very proffessional, She put the sign up, She gave Me a date for My open house and She updates Us on all activity. You can hire others but why would You want to. Letip is a Proffessional Organization and You have to be invited to be a member! Only the Best for Us.
Submitted By: Bette Tatom   

Testimony For: City View Funeral Home
Subject: Business is Booming
Thanks to LeTip of Salem, I have increased My Business 30% over the last year. I have been a Member for 1 year now and the resources in this group are tremendous. Not only have I increased My business, I have Quality People I can rely on for My Shopping needs, You never know when You will need a Funeral Director, A Lawyer, a Handy Man, and its a relief knowing I receive the best quality service and product from those Who are invited to be a Member of LeTip of Salem. Recently We lost My Father in Law with one call, I had His obituary in the paper the next day, Thank-You City View.
Submitted By: Bette Tatom   

Testimony For: The Web Doctor
Subject: Brian Offers Great Service
Brian offers great help with my web site. He explains thoroughly to me when my computer skills don`t kick in! His knowledge is very helpful. He is easy to get a hold of and I appreacite it greatly.
Submitted By: Patti Greene   

Testimony For: Networks of Salem Chapter
Subject: My Business Doubles Every Year I am in Letip
Every year I`m in Letip my business doubles. I get great service from everyone and have made many great friends. There is no better advertising money or time spent thean Letip. Thank You ALL Very Much!
Submitted By: Doug Wardell   

Testimony For: Networks of Salem Chapter
Subject: Letip paid for my entire year`s membership in 2 weeks.
I love the energy, honesty, and good quality leads. I also have a very good group of businesses to do work for me!
Submitted By: Shirley Kavanaugh   

Testimony For: Networks of Salem Chapter
Subject: Can`t Imagine being without Letip
I have been a Letip Member since 1997. I can not imagine being without Letip. Having Eighty Plus Extra Sales People only puts Dollars in your pocket; not to mention great friends.
Submitted By: Martin Hile   

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