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Dr. Zohra Campbell, D.C.

Balance, health, breath...wellness, for life!

Description: Dr. Zohra offers chiropractic care with an emphasis on rehabilitation and wellness. As a chiropractor and yoga teacher for >18 years, Dr. Zohra blends the science of chiropractic with the healing art of yoga. Try our Healthy Back class to increase strength and flexibility. We offer Yoga for all levels of ability and experience, including brand new beginners. Dr. Zohra is the owner and director of Indigo Wellness Center, Salem`s only dedicated yoga studio and wellness center. 
How Best To Refer: We treat new injuries and chronic problems.  
Category: Chiropractor  Power Circle: Health and Beauty 
Member: Zohra Campbell

3276 Commercial St SE
Salem,  OR  97302
Web Site: 
Business Phone: (503) 371-1120  Business Fax: (503) 371-1120 
Google Review: Join Date: 9/4/2007

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