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New York Life
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Description: I specialize in life, Fixed Annuities and Long-Term Care Insurance. Why throw your money out the window each month. Let me show you how you can take life insurance and convert it into tax free retirement income. I will show you how to reduce your taxes, protect your assets with Long-Term Care Insurance. Will you run out of money in retirement? -- Fixed Annuities will provide you and your spouse and income for the rest of your life and only a Mutual insurance company can do that for you.  
How Best To Refer: Referrals for ... Life, Long-Term-Care Insurance, Fixed Annuities. Personal, family & friends. -- Business (Key Person, Fund-Buy-Sale-Agreements) or group insurance plans. ...  
Category: Life, Health, Disability Insurance  Power Circle: Professional Services 
Member: Fred Thompson, MBA

2355 State Street
Salem,  OR  97301
Web Site: 
Business Phone: (503) 428-7479  Business Fax: (503) 375-6303 
Google Review:   Join Date: 8/22/2013

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