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General Information About Networks of Salem


Meetings are held every Thursday from 6:45 - 8:35 am sharp!  We meet at the Illahe Hills Country Club, 3376 Country Club Dr S Salem OR 97302. We encourage all members to guests to come early and mingle.
(Click Here for Map and Detailed Driving Instructions)


Come prepared to introduce yourself to our chapter members.  You will have the opportunity to give two 30-60 second commercials about your business and to describe the type of clients you need. First commercial opportunity is given when you are first introduced as a Guest and the second is when all members are given an opportunity to give commercials about their business. Please bring about 70-100 business cards and an empty stomach; the breakfast is on us.


In order for you to be considered for membership you MUST attend two consecutive weekly breakfast meetings. There is NO COST to attend these two breakfast meetings. You must be a guest of an existing Networks member. 

Potential new members come to the first two meetings and are permitted to give brief presentations about their product or service.  The chapter's Inspector then meets with the applicant at their business.  An inspection of the premises is performed and information on the application is verified.  At the third meeting, the current membership votes on the acceptance of the prospective member.

The primary purpose of being a member of Networks is to give and receive qualified business referrals or leads.  Referrals are regularly reviewed by each Chapter's Tip Master to insure they meet professional criteria and represent a real value to the receiver.


At your first meeting, you will be given an application to review and complete by your second meeting.  Once your business has been inspected and the current members have voted you in, you pay your initiation fee and dues and prepare to handle all of the new business that is about to come your way.

See Fee Schedule for a breakdown of costs.  It will cost you $470.00 to initially join Networks of Salem - $220 for first quarter dues and a $250 initiation / application fee.  Each quarter after that is $220.00 per quarter, used to cover our meeting location, breakfast bill, printing, & administrative expenses. All fees are subject to change without notice.




        Members exchange valuable business referrals which turn into $$$.  Members work to provide you with qualified business referrals.

        Members provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.

        There are no outside speakers.  Members identify themselves and their product or service at each meeting.

        You will be able to display your product or service on a predetermined schedule.

        No conflicts of interests are allowed*.  Your competition can't join once you've joined.

        Networks of Salem meetings are brief and to the point, beginning at 6:45am and they conclude by 8:35am sharp!

        An inspector from Networks of Salem will visit and inspect your place of business.  You must be voted on to become a member.

        Each Chapter has a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Members at Large etc. to maintain a professional meeting format.


A qualified business REFERRAL is a company or person who is interested in a specific service or product and is expecting a call from a Networks member. There are 3 types of REFERRALS.
(Also See:  Example of a Referral Page

Inside Referral:  Inside Referrals are completed upon payment of an invoice or money/goods changes hands.

Loretta goes to Billyís hardware store and purchases some lawn and garden supplies.  She pays for the items at the cash register of Billyís store.  Both individuals are members of  Networks of Salem chapter.  The transaction has been completed and Loretta is able to tip Billy. 

Cindy, the boat dealer, would like to purchase a new spa from George, the spa distributor.  Both individuals are members of the same Networks chapter.  Cindy talks with George about purchasing a spa (not a Referral).  Three weeks after their initial conversation George installs a new spa at Cindyís home.  Cindy receives an invoice for the spa and pays George for his services (This is a Qualified Referral now.)

Outside Referrals:  Outside referrals allows a member to make warm call to an individual who is not a member of Networks of Salem.

Bart, a member of Networks of Salem, is having lunch with Zach, a business associate.  Zach is interested in finding a dentist for his family.  Bart refers Zach to Amber, the dentist in Bartís Networks of Salem chapter.  Bart gives Zach Amberís business card and tells Zach he will have Amber call him.  Because Zach is prepared for a call, Amber will be contacting Zach with a warm call.  Bart has set the groundwork for Amber.  Bart has an outside referral to Amber.

Not A Referral:  A Not A Referral is information given to a person, but they are not yet ready for a phone call from the Networks of Salem member. Possibly a business card was handed to this person. The member is trying to get you in the door by passing your business card, but they are not prepared to take a call - just yet.


        Because someone in our group probably already wants your services.

        Because everyone in our group wants to help you grow your business.

        Because everyone in our group wants you to help grow their business.

        Because you understand the value of a qualified business referral.

        Because you've always wanted to attend weekly "power" breakfast meetings.

        Because you will be associating with a fantastic, professional, ethical group of business people who are on the move.

Home Page
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